Early life

I was a go getter, in school I tried my hardest to be at the top with grades until I met ‘the cool kids’ then I tried to be at the top with them which of course made my grades fall and by the time I released how stupid that was I was in my last year of school and the last two years of trying to make people like me for a different part of me that I didn’t like was so drilled in that I didn’t know how to turn it around. I trying my best to get good grades in my final exams and yes they were okay but not the best I could do, not by a long shot. I had wasted my brains and talents on ‘the cool kids’ who never really liked me. A year after finishing school my mam passed away and I went to a dark alcohol infused place for a long time until my brother got me a good job that I am still in to this day, ten years later. My world had finally turned around because I had the best people in my life looking out for me, my family.


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