Finding yourself

I heard recently that it is okay to not know exactly where you’re going or what you’re doing…. Sometimes I get these thoughts in my head asking if I am truly happy, I don’t know why I get the thoughts because honestly for the most part I really really am. I have a job, a partner, a house, friends I mean what in the world could I be longing for.

The thing I do when I question things is really take a step back and look at my life properly, I give myself time to really think about everything that’s happening and what I want to happen in the future and the hardest part about all of that is being honest with myself. I love to write so Ill either write to myself or maybe on here and sometimes I will even take to poetry and express whatever comes in to my head on to paper.

I have learned that though I have an amazing AMAZING partner who I would never change for the world I think that our lives can be so intertwinded that I lose just a little bit of myself, so going forward I plan to be more active on my own. Do things without him that I might be afraid to do like maybe join a club and meet new people, take an interest in something, follow a passion and have some more independence for myself. Something I can of course talk to him about but that is mine, I cant wait to figure what that will be now ha… Any ideas welcomed 🙂


2 thoughts on “Finding yourself

  1. Hey!
    Amazing post, great idea.
    I was going through shit when I started blogging. Writing really helped me put out all my feelings.
    Blogging is gonna be a great idea for you too.
    And as for the plan that YOU are a part of alone, I’d suggest you to do things that scare you. I did this too and it really helped in many ways and also, it was super fun!

    Keep posting 😀

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