There are things in life that you can’t help but to love. When I think of my family my heart feels warm, I can honestly feel it beat and light up when I really think about the people I love. My boyfriend is my family, my sister, my brothers. They help my heart to beat, the love I have for them is real and pure and I can say that I have lived a great happy life because I got to feel the true warmth of love.


I am not a victim

Shitty things have happened to everyone, they’ve happened to me, they’ve happened to you. They just have because shit happens to everyone all the time.

I’ve lost the most important person in my world, I lost part of my life. I fell in to alcoholism, I possibly fell in to a mild depression, I fell out of myself.

One day when the hurt finally stopped or I stopped letting it get to me I picked myself up, I copped on. My life wasn’t over as much as I was trying to make it be in self destructive ways. It wasn’t, I was too young, too intelligent, too driven to waste anymore of my life on my negative side. I was no longer a victim then and when you don’t treat yourself as a victim wow is life better. I am a fighter, I am a surviver. I am not a victim. I bet on myself and you can bet on me!

Finding yourself

I heard recently that it is okay to not know exactly where you’re going or what you’re doing…. Sometimes I get these thoughts in my head asking if I am truly happy, I don’t know why I get the thoughts because honestly for the most part I really really am. I have a job, a partner, a house, friends I mean what in the world could I be longing for.

The thing I do when I question things is really take a step back and look at my life properly, I give myself time to really think about everything that’s happening and what I want to happen in the future and the hardest part about all of that is being honest with myself. I love to write so Ill either write to myself or maybe on here and sometimes I will even take to poetry and express whatever comes in to my head on to paper.

I have learned that though I have an amazing AMAZING partner who I would never change for the world I think that our lives can be so intertwinded that I lose just a little bit of myself, so going forward I plan to be more active on my own. Do things without him that I might be afraid to do like maybe join a club and meet new people, take an interest in something, follow a passion and have some more independence for myself. Something I can of course talk to him about but that is mine, I cant wait to figure what that will be now ha… Any ideas welcomed 🙂

Technology runs the world

It’s no secret that technology is taking over the world and quickly at that. I’m currently laying in bed having come up early so I could get some quiet phone time in to browse the Internet and the many social media networks I’m addicted to. I’m cautious as I know my battery is very low and beside my bed is the phone charger however the lead isn’t long enough to stretch over so of course I’ll be hanging out of bed reaching to meet my phone to I can continue mindlessly searching through needed sites and strangers while my partner does the same silently beside me. What has the world come to that I have to participate in this not a want but a need now!

2017 Saving

I saw the five euro challenge on social media recently. It seemed like such a great idea so I’ve decided to do my own version. Basically for six months I will put away every five euro note that I get back as change, however, the other day I got four five euro notes back from a shop keeper and as much I would have loved to be able to afford to just put all of them away in savings I couldn’t. I needed at least three of them so I put one away and that’s what I plan to do going forward put one five euro away each time I get one back, this could be once or more a day in to a savings purse at home and in six months time ill add in up and put it in to the bank to keep building to for the rest of the year! Fantastic idea, wish me luck with keeping it up 

Lovely evening

My partner and I went for a lovely meal last night. It was so nice to get out just us two and enjoy something different. It made me feel how real and in love we still are. It is great to know that we can go out together and have such a fun time in each others company. We didn’t say we wouldn’t use our phones or anything but as the night went on I noticed we actually weren’t on them we were too busy sharing stories and laughing. 

We were to a Chinese restaurant which was an all you can eat buffet, the food was nice but it came out pretty quietly which I didn’t like too much it was as though they had just taken our order walked through the doors and came straight back out through the doors with our meals. It was twenty euro each which I also thought was a little expensive for what it was but we don’t go out for dinner a whole lot so I wasn’t complaining. 

After dinner we went to a cocktail bar and talked, joked and laughed together for a couple of hours before heading home and watching TV before tucking our merry heads to bed. I would encourage couples to try do something like this at least once a month. I have such a greater appreciation for my partner.

I woke up this morning so happy and feeling even closer to my partner. I love that we can enjoy each others company so much and I can’t wait to plan our next special night in or out 🙂

#YOLO 2017

So, my partner and I are good with money. We have been saving for a while now, we bring lunch in to work, we don’t get unnecessary groceries and we try to limit nights out, instead we’ll have friends over to ours for game nights. We have decided that next year we hope to settle down and possibly start a family so for this year we plan to do a you only live once year.

We will dip in to our savings a little bit and we wont go too crazy but we plan go on as many trips as we can. Firstly starting with Spain at the end of this month, we have also booked two more holidays in advance so we could get the cheapest accommodation and have time to build on our savings more to fund the trips.

I can not wait to kick this year off with fun and adventures and to celebrate our plans we’re going to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and night out tonight. If you want to follow my story please do so here where I will be uploading photos and sharing our fun adventures


Blessed with the new

I’m very new to blogging, who wants to know what I have to say and why would strangers anyway?! What even is a blog? For me its a place that I can go and type, type everything that comes in to my head. The good, the bad, the ugly, the old and the new…

So what is the new? Recently moved to a new house. I lived in an apartment before then so coming to a house has been interesting. It takes a lot to heat it up so I’ve started to close all the doors in the house to try keep the heat in, I dunno its something I remember my mother saying but weather it works or not I am yet to find. There is also the upkeep, cleaning and general maintenance but I am feeling so blessed. The new so far is good, its different and sometimes challenging but at the end of the day when I’m on my sofa in my house watching tv I feel grateful and I feel blessed!


Have I got lazy? I think so or is it that I’ve just always been lazy but I cant help just chilling out on the sofa after a long day at work.Yes I work in an office and sit down all day long so I have no idea why Im so tired maybe it staring at a computer for the day! I get home I do the dinner maybe put a wash on, if friends want to see me I say no and I sit on the sofa watching tv till is time for bed and I get up and do it all over again.

Im not sure if this is healthy and sometimes I would like to change and even go for a walk or something in the evening but Im yet to find the motivation to do it….