#YOLO 2017

So, my partner and I are good with money. We have been saving for a while now, we bring lunch in to work, we don’t get unnecessary groceries and we try to limit nights out, instead we’ll have friends over to ours for game nights. We have decided that next year we hope to settle down and possibly start a family so for this year we plan to do a you only live once year.

We will dip in to our savings a little bit and we wont go too crazy but we plan go on as many trips as we can. Firstly starting with Spain at the end of this month, we have also booked two more holidays in advance so we could get the cheapest accommodation and have time to build on our savings more to fund the trips.

I can not wait to kick this year off with fun and adventures and to celebrate our plans we’re going to treat ourselves to a nice dinner and night out tonight. If you want to follow my story please do so here where I will be uploading photos and sharing our fun adventures