Lovely evening

My partner and I went for a lovely meal last night. It was so nice to get out just us two and enjoy something different. It made me feel how real and in love we still are. It is great to know that we can go out together and have such a fun time in each others company. We didn’t say we wouldn’t use our phones or anything but as the night went on I noticed we actually weren’t on them we were too busy sharing stories and laughing. 

We were to a Chinese restaurant which was an all you can eat buffet, the food was nice but it came out pretty quietly which I didn’t like too much it was as though they had just taken our order walked through the doors and came straight back out through the doors with our meals. It was twenty euro each which I also thought was a little expensive for what it was but we don’t go out for dinner a whole lot so I wasn’t complaining. 

After dinner we went to a cocktail bar and talked, joked and laughed together for a couple of hours before heading home and watching TV before tucking our merry heads to bed. I would encourage couples to try do something like this at least once a month. I have such a greater appreciation for my partner.

I woke up this morning so happy and feeling even closer to my partner. I love that we can enjoy each others company so much and I can’t wait to plan our next special night in or out 🙂