I am not a victim

Shitty things have happened to everyone, they’ve happened to me, they’ve happened to you. They just have because shit happens to everyone all the time.

I’ve lost the most important person in my world, I lost part of my life. I fell in to alcoholism, I possibly fell in to a mild depression, I fell out of myself.

One day when the hurt finally stopped or I stopped letting it get to me I picked myself up, I copped on. My life wasn’t over as much as I was trying to make it be in self destructive ways. It wasn’t, I was too young, too intelligent, too driven to waste anymore of my life on my negative side. I was no longer a victim then and when you don’t treat yourself as a victim wow is life better. I am a fighter, I am a surviver. I am not a victim. I bet on myself and you can bet on me!